Listed in the table below are the translations of the Standard AccuNet icon set to english equivalent. Please note that some of the icons are for both AM and PM times. These icons are noted that they may be used for both. Unless noted, the listed icon is for daytime only.

Icon Number Description
01 Sunny
02 Mostly Sunny
03 Partly Sunny
04 Intermittent Clouds
05 Hazy Sunshine
06 Mostly Cloudy
07 Cloudy (AM and PM)
08 Dreary (AM and PM)
Icons 9-10 have been retired
11 Fog (AM and PM)
12 Showers (AM and PM)
13 Mostly Cloudy with Showers
14 Partly Sunny with Showers
15 Thunderstorms (AM and PM)
16 Mostly Cloudy with Thunder Showers
17 Partly Sunny with Thunder Showers
18 Rain (AM and PM)
19 Flurries (AM and PM)
20 Mostly Cloudy with Flurries
21 Partly Sunny with Flurries
22 Snow (AM and PM)
23 Mostly Cloudy with Snow
24 Ice (AM and PM)
25 Sleet (AM and PM)
26 Freezing Rain (AM and PM)
Icons 27, 28 have been retired
29 Rain and Snow Mixed (AM and PM)
30 Hot (AM and PM)
31 Cold (AM and PM)
32 Windy (AM and PM)
Night Only ICONS
33 Clear
34 Mostly Clear
35 Partly Cloudy
36 Intermittent Clouds
37 Hazy
38 Mostly Cloudy
39 Partly Cloudy with Showers
40 Mostly Cloudy with Showers
41 Partly Cloudy with Thunder Showers
42 Mostly Cloudy with Thunder Showers
43 Mostly Cloudy with Flurries
44 Mostly Cloudy with Snow